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Bob Kopach

Executive Director and Founder

For the past 30 years, Bob has focused his career on doing good.  As a senior executive for various global companies, Bob executed innovative cause marketing programs that brought together corporate philanthropy partnerships with organizations such as the The Nature Conservancy, Big Brother Big Sisters, School of the Art Institute, UCAN, Lone Survivor Foundation and the Illinois Restaurant Association Education Foundation.

Bob has also developed original programs such as the Science Olympiad Urban Schools Initiative, The Wrigley A.C.E. Scholarships with Serena and Venus Williams and the WAHL Fade It Forward Barber School Scholarship Program -- all providing underserved youth with educational opportunities.

While consulting for an electric shuttle company, Bob had the idea of transforming street legal, low speed electric vehicles into mobile farm stands and a few years later he formed the non-profit -- The Eco-Friendly Mobile Farm Stand Project.

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