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Vehicle styles and graphics may vary.


The Eco-Friendly Mobile Farm Stand Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to donate eco-friendly, gas-free and emissions-free electric mobile farm stands to urban farming organizations that serve those in neighborhoods suffering from food insecurity.


The Eco-Friendly Mobile Farm Stand Project (EFMFSP) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit whose mission is to set up and provide gas-free and emissions-free transportation to food insecurity focused organizations that work in underserved neighborhoods.  Our goal is to be part of the transportation solution to the food scarcity issue in an eco-friendly way by using street-legal, low-speed, electric mobile farm stands to deliver fruit and vegetables to those in need.  In addition, the Eco-Friendly Mobile Farm Stand is an outlet for educating people on the nutritional benefits of eating fresh fruit and vegetables.  


The Eco-Friendly Mobile Farm Stand Project simply wants to help hard working urban farmers take their fresh and healthy produce from A to B -- senior living facilities, housing communities, schools or just like an ice cream truck, make stops in various neighborhoods -- anywhere their local underserved residents might not be able to get to a healthy food source because of distance, age, lack of funds, lack of transportation or a disability.


Want to help build the "Neighborhood EV Food Fleet?" Join our Eco-Friendly Mobile Farm Stand Project Vehicle Adoption Program. Once an organization presents a need, we reach out to donors to "adopt" a vehicle for that particular organization.  A one-time, lifetime vehicle adoption fee covers the base vehicle cost, farm stand design/build-out/ graphics production, charging system, vehicle training and on-going program administration including vehicle scheduling logistics and evaluation.  The name and/or logo of the vehicle adopter is prominently placed on the farm stand for permanent recognition as a partner in helping alleviate the food scarcity issue -- in an environmentally friendly way.  EFMFSP also accepts general donations to help fund EFMFSP and future vehicle programs.


EFMFSP works closely with the organization's local vendors to build out the vehicle and turn it into an eco-friendly mobile farm stand that each organization and neighborhood could personalize, be proud of and call their own.

EFMFSP works closely with vehicle recipient to set up metrics for studying the impact the program has in that community and/or neighborhood. We also work with the recipient on vehicle energy optimization and routing.

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